Tooth Whitening

Good looks are very important to us. Today, the first impression we give is with our appearance. If we past muster on that, then we are given an opportunity to prove our mettle. Straight and White teeth are one of the basic requirements of our society today. Orthodontic treatment is used to straighten out the teeth.

Whitening of teeth can be done by Bleaching or by the use of Veneers.

Bleaching is done in the use of a chemical which is appplied on the surface of the teeth. When a lower strength of the material is used, the patient can safely apply it by himself in the Bleaching trays that are provided. He is usually advised on the duration of time that he can apply the Bleaching agent.

For quick results, a stronger strength is used. This can be potentially harmful if given to the patient for home use. In such cases the Bleaching is in "The Clinic" itself.

It is important to note that Bleaching is not a permanent treatment and that intake of coloured foods and drinks like Colas and Turmeric (Haldi) can cause the bleached effect to be lost at a quicker rate.

On the other hand Veneers offer a more permanent solution. They can be used to lighten the colour and also to modify the shape of teeth if required .They are a great tool for Smile Enhancement.