Dental Sleep Medicine

Snoring is a very common occurance. Few of us realize its mechanism and the problems that it creates within our body.

Sleep Apnea is a potentially Life Threatening Problem. 'Apnea' literally means 'absence of Oxygen'. This situation arises during sleep even without our knowledge.

During sleep, the muscles of the Airway relax and fall into the airway and block it. As a result no oxygen goes in. This causes gasping, rise in blood Pressure, increased incidence of Heart attacks. The commonest treatment is a machine which pumps air into the body at a continuous high pressure commonly known as a CPAP.

The latest treatment modality is a Mandibular Advancement Appliance that is used to hold the lower jaw forward during sleep. This prevents the muscles of the airway from falling into the airway and blocking it.

We at “Sri Dental Clinic” have designed an appliance for this problem, and have treated hundreds of patients. The fabrication of the appliance requires two visits two days apart. On the first visit the Impressions are made , and on the second visit the appliance is given.

This is much better than the Over the Counter Boil and Bite appliances available in the market. It is custom made to fit on the person's teeth. The recording of the bite is done according to the individual problem. It is a fraction of the cost of those available commercially.