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Welcome to
Sri Dental Clinic

Your Million Dollar Smile!

Please don't let your dental worries cost you that perfect million-dollar smile! Your smile is precious for us!

At Sri Dental Clinic, we simply ask you to drop your worries behind.... our professional expertise ensures that you are provided the best treatment, at all times. At our clinic all you need to do is relax, as you are in safe hands.

Sri dental clinic has taken care to create the ambience that puts you at ease, at once. The staff has been carefully selected for providing you with the best services. For us each patient is special. We invest patience, time and professional competence in each of our client.

Sri Dental Clinic is a centrally located dental clinic that has worked with conviction and fervour eversince 1993.

Dental Service

 Root Canal
Root CanalWhen the cavity extends beyond the Enamel and...
More about Root Canal

 Crowns & Bridges
Dental Crown and Ceramic BridgesCeramic Crowns are used to restore the shape...
More about Dental Crown and Ceramic Bridges

 Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic DentalCosmetic appearances are the buzz word of ...
More about Cosmetic Dental

Orthodontic TreatmentGood looks are the Buzz word today, be...
More about Orthodontic Treatment

Filling ToothSilver Fillings have been around for times immemorial...
More about Filling Tooth

 Tooth Whitening
Tooth WhiteningGood looks are very important to us. Today, the first...
More about Tooth Whitening

 Scaling & Polishing
Scaling and PolishingScaling is needed on a regular basis by every one...
More about Scaling and Polishing

Dental ImplantsIn cases where the teeth have had to be removed ...
More about Dental Implants

 Gum Treatment
Gum TreatmentWhen Scaling and Polishing are not done...
More about Gum Treatment

 Dental Sleep Medicine
Sleep MedicineSnoring is a very common occurance. Few of us...
More about Sleep Medicine

 Extractions of Third Molars
Wisdom Tooth ExtractionEvolution is causing the jaw sizes to become smaller ...
More about Wisdom Tooth Extraction

 Pediatric Dentistry
Pediatric DentistryWe realize that they need a different approach and...
More about Pediatric Dentistry

 Cleft Lip & Palate
Cleft LipChildren who have had the misfortune to be born...
More about Cleft Lip & Palate

 Rampant Caries
Children's Dental CareRampant Caries is also known as Baby Bottle Caries...
More about Children's Dental Care

 Obturator/ Cancer Patients
Cancer PatientsMedical Sciences have come a long way in ...
More about Cancer Patients

 Complete Mouth Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation TherapyThese days we see many more people suffering ...
More about Rehabilitation Therapy